With the time to file our taxes fast approaching we are faced with different methods of doing so. Many people will take the option of filing their own taxes, without the aid of any adviser, which can make the process inexpensive.

A great option for people, who do file their own taxes, would be to use QuickTax 2009. QuickTax is the #1 selling tax software in Canada, partially due to the many features it offers.

The standard version of QuickTax 2009, is perfect for the typical Canadian who is interested in doing taxes themeselves. The standard edition is quick easy and to the point. It literally took me 15 minutes to do my taxes in a test run with the software. However, there is also a premium version, which does provide some additional benefit for investors.

To distinguish between what to get, consider the complexity of you’re your tax return, if it is simple, then the basic version would be your best choice. Obviously, if you have income coming from different sources it might be a benefit for you to try out the premium version.

QuickTax 2009 is easy to install; with just a few clicks you will have the software installed.

QuickTax 2009 includes a great feature called “EasyStep Interview”, which provides help through every step of your return. It honestly is simple, they ask you legitimate questions that can help you get more money on your return.

Another brand new process is the Life changing profiling within the EasyStep Interview. It points out any tax implications based exactly on what happened in 2009.

With the Basic version, you receive support by email and phone, also step-by-step guidance that includes government-approved forms and any calculations, which are guaranteed to be accurate.

Realistically, the other versions of QuickTax 2009 are for people who are either self employed or have several investments.

QuickTax 2009 is definitely a great choice for anyone who is filing their tax returns. With QuickTax at your disposal, you will definitely be able to get your tax returns accomplished with little to no difficulty.