When it comes to saving, I find it to be one of the most difficult tasks, no matter what age you are, or what you are saving for.

If you think about it, saving requires much discipline, you are have to put away a portion of your money, and manage to make it to the end of the month without touching it.

What no one can deny is that the moment you have reached your saving goal, the feeling is one of the best in the world.

For me, I recently decided to save for a watch, a Raymond Weil to be precise. I find their watches to be fantastic, and fell in love with their Freelancer Models. Just today I reached the halfway mark for my savings goal. Just looking at my bank account with the money sitting there was getting me excited for the moment I can go out and purchase the watch.

Now some people might ask why not just purchase the watch on credit and pay it back monthly? The answer is easy, I do not wish to purchase something I cannot afford, and paying off my credit card with such a purchase would only put me in a position where I am paying off interest as well. Which as you know makes the purchase cost even more.

I am all for purchasing on my credit card to earn the reward points, and paying it off immediately, but of course that does require me to save the money first.

Remember, setting a goal is essential for anyone who is savings. Without stating the obvious, you will definitely be able to enjoy your money more if you have something you want to spend it on aside from daily expenses.