I recently wrote an article concerning with you keeping track of your budget. A reader raised my awareness as to writing down what you have spent ASAP, which I never thought about during writing that article.

After some time searching the internet, I found a great way to record any expenses, before you forget about them.

The method is using Xpenser. Xpenser is a website that will allow you to record expense through whatever means are available to you. You can record expenses via Email, SMS, Twitter, IM, voice, or using your iPhone.

All expenses will be available on the Xpenser site, and you can also export it to applications of your choice such as Excel, Quicken, MS Money and FreshBooks.

Here is how Xpenser works, you simply use one of the methods to record your expenses, and it will be sent to your account on Xpenser.

When you send in the expense, you can put what it was used for and where, which will also show up in the expense report.

From there you can go onto your account on Xpenser, and further organize your expenses into separate reports.

A great feature is how you can create a private RSS feed, which will appear in Google reader or any other RRS feed reader.

You are also able to set balances and starting budgets, which will help you keep track of your spending.

Right now Xpenser is free, however in the future there will be premium accounts, which will carry a monthly fee. The goal Xpenses has it to keep the base product free, and charge for longer data retention and other services.

I find Xpenses a great way to record your expenses ASAP, as it really is only an SMS away, or email.