On the weekend an opportunity presented itself as to allowing me to purchase an item I have been on wanting for quite some time, however I always felt that the price would hold me back.

The item in question is a MacBook pro, and in all honesty they are among the greatest laptops I have ever used, but I always found them to be extremely expensive and thought that my money could go towards more practical uses.

Back to my story, on the weekend a friend called and explained that he bought a MacBook Pro two weeks ago, and recently acquired another model he actually wanted. He offered to sell me the MacBook Pro slightly cheaper since it was partially used, which made the deal something I had to consider because of the price these great machines usually go for.

Now the dilemma I faced was whether to actually dip into my savings account and make the purchase. Having saved for quite sometime, and met the goals I had made recently, I was not sure whether I wanted to part with the money I spent saving.

What I quickly realized was that not only was the offer great, but by passing up on it I would not even be taking my own advice. Saving without a purpose is somewhat pointless, and it would lead me on the path of not even getting a chance to enjoy my own money.

Without much more delay I made the decision and purchased the MacBook Pro.

It has only been two days since I made the purchase, but I can honestly say that this decision is among the best I have ever made in my life.

The moral here is always purchasing a MacBook Pro (only kidding), it actually is always evaluate your options, and whenever in doubt look at it from the perspective as to what are you really saving for?

You should not be afraid to spend your money, it is what you earned, and in reality if you were able to save in the first place it can always be done again.