Getting married is a strange experience. It is one of those things you have no way of knowing or understanding until you’re doing it, and once its over, whatever you learned is likely (and hopefully) never going to be used again. One of the weirdest phenomenon is the experience of time.

My wife (!) and I got engaged in January. We decided to get married in August. That was a full 7 months away. We started off by planning some of the bigger things, getting ideas for themes, prices, and whatnot, but then life got busy and wedding planning stopped being as important. After all, we have 7 months. Well, soon enough, we were two weeks out from the wedding, and now all of a sudden, it’s been two and half weeks since we got married. Time shot by in a flash.

The last two weeks before the wedding were insanely busy. Every night after work, we would be scheming, planning, plotting, calling, arranging, picking up, and paying for things. It was crazy. At that point, you have so little time, that when there became a choice between something that was fast, or something that was less expensive, we would always choose the faster option.

For the most part, we simply ran out of time to feed ourselves. Beside the fact that we had so little energy that the thought of cooking made our stomaches turn, we just didn’t have the time to plan, prepare, and cook dinner. It just wasn’t happening. Or, if we were out shopping and it came close to a meal time, we would eat out so that we would be able to finish the shopping. It had to get done, so we did it.

While I don’t like spending money that doesn’t need to be spent, in this case, I think that the cost is justified. Sometimes, we run into life’s situations where cost doesn’t matter – but time does. So you pay a premium in order to enjoy food quickly, without having to make it yourself. There are tons of situations where one would trade money for time.

When do you trade your money for time? When do you regret it?